Recent Testimonials

Hepatitis C
I met with Healing Rooms prayer warriors on August 27th. I had been claiming healing, "By his stripes I am healed." (Isaiah 53:5), for three and a half years from being diagnosed with hepatitis C. Symptoms of fatigue and sensitive, itchy skin and some foot problems are gone!! Energy level is great--what it used to be. Growing in knowing God and increasing in joy and love. Thank you for praying for me. Bless you.
D. C.

Ears & Anxiety
Ringing in the ears and anxiety are gone!

Accident Injuries
After many years accident injuries were healed!

Heart rythm returned to normal!

Long term pain ...gone!.

Brain Cancer
After several visits to the Healing Rooms has today announced a great MRI report. Brain Cancer is gone, no sign on MRI!

I was experiencing anxiety and one of the symptoms was ringing in my ears. When the group prayed over me, my ear popped like I was in an airplane. I felt strong and will go forth now on God's mission for me.

Brain Cancer
I had a massive cancerous brain tumor and went through surgery and radiation treatments. My Aunt told me about the Lakeville Healing Rooms and I've only been coming a while until my latest MRI said the cancer is gone!!! Praise the Lord!

Broken Foot & Torn Muscles
Suffered injuries from an accident to my right foot with broken bones and torn connective tissues and plantar fascia. After 25 minutes of prayer, I regained 1/2 of the flexibility in my foot. Later I accidentally sat on it and noticed no pain! I have not been able to do anything in almost 4 years.
Thank you Jesus!

Came to Healing Rooms for prayer for finances. Recently I planted a seed with a customer by giving them a financial blessing and last week I received a financial blessing twice the amount I planted! God is Great!
All things are possible with God. Give and it will be given to you!

Lung Cancer
After coming for prayer, there are no changes in the nodules, no new nodules and blood counts are excellent as well! As long as there are no changes in the lungs, I can go off of chemo. Thank you for your constant prayers!

I received prayer for PMS, terrible cramps, extreme moodiness, depression and suicidal thoughts. During prayer, I had to throw up in the bathroom around 10 times. It wasn't food, it was evil spirits coming out of me. After the final prayer, all the physical ailments and cramps left me. After 17 years of being a Christian, I am now experiencing the abundant life! Glory to God!